1976 Born and raised by mother, great aunt, and great grandmother in Arkadelphia, Arkansas

1988 Began drawing comics and portraits of friends

1994 Began college as an art major

1997 Great grandmother passed away

1998 Sold first work, grew dedicated to art making, and continued to sell

1999 Graduated college, acquired gallery representation, had first independent solo exhibition, co-founded karri 1, was accepted into first regional art competition, and was accepted into graduate school at the University of Idaho

2001 Made first original installation, traveled to Prague, and began thesis work about family, friends, and memories

2002 Finished graduate school, hired as adjunct, set up first independent studio

2005 First independent installation, presented at first conference

2006 Traveled to Nagoya for Rotary International G.S.E.

2007 Moved to Nagasaki and focused on drawing and photography as main media

2009 Website created, writing proposals for installations, began research for doctoral work, and returned to the U.S.

2010 Accepted into the 53rd Annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center, a personal goal finally completed

2012 Hired full-time as an Instructor of Art at ASU-Beebe

2014 Married Irina Shakirova and became a father
2015 Designed and painted Beebe Veterans Mural

2017 Birth of second daughter, Viktoria

2019 Helped design and paint Beebe Historical Mural

2021 Helped design and paint Beebe Fallin' Blackbird Mural