Drawing people is my greatest passion. It doesn’t matter what medium. The intimacy, immediacy, and reliability in execution has had me hooked for twenty years. My main subjects are family and friends as they mean as much to me as drawing itself.

Photography has been an extension of my drawing in its similar intimacy and immediacy, though there is less control than in a drawing. For me, the process is no different. It’s the final product that varies from capturing a memory in drawing.

Installations are part of my exploration of the nature of memories and experience. They are intensely personal in content and are evolving alongside my views on drawing. I hope to combine my works/ideas related to drawing and photography into larger installations that speak as self-portraits or meditations on various themes.

Painting is a process of exploration and continued education. I work with various media to stay limber and recognize the nuances of design, composition, and possibilities. Luckily for me they have a very decorative element to them and make my friends, family, and strangers smile.

If there needs to be some categorization then I am an artist that makes images, explores experiences, and hopes to be able to continue in doing so.